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Mass Incarceration

With over 800,000 Black men and 70,000 Black women under state supervision, mass incarceration is the top Civil and Human Rights Issue of Black America for this generation. Do your political leaders support the following policy reforms?

1. Should the Bureau of Justice Statistics collect and report police misconduct data, specifically including allegations, type of misconduct, outcomes, and civil judgement award amounts by jurisdiction?

2. Should there be a five percent annual reduction in police misconduct rates by police agencies receiving federal funding, under penalty of a five percent reduction federal funding to said agency based on the previous year's funding level? 3. Should police jurisdictions in predominately Black communities have Citizen Review Boards with the authority to recommend changes in department policies and suggest improvements in training, arrange for mediation and assist the police or sheriff's department to develop or operate an early warning system for identifying problem officers?

4. Should law enforcement officers across the US present proof of professional liability insurance for the duration of employment? Police agencies will not reimburse police officers for cost of liability insurance premiums.

5. Should law enforcement officers have probable cause to detain any individual for any length of time?

6. Should law enforcement officers undergo regular evaluations of their mental health, including racial and gender latent bias assessments by independent licensed practitioners in determinations of fitness for duty?

7. Should incarceration be eliminated for non-violent first time offenders, excluding crimes involving the use or possession of a lethal weapon?

8. Should three strikes laws be eliminated?

9. Should the right to a speedy trial be re-instituted?

10. Should the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 be amended to reduce the criminal disparity between possession of crack and powder cocaine to a 1:1 ratio?

11. Should marijuana continue to be classified as a Schedule 1 drug?




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Agenda for Black America

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