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United Peoples of Black America Recovery and Reinvestment Act

There has been no formal public policy agenda addressing the rampant economic deprivation and lack of financial mobility of the peoples of Black America. The disparity in asset wealth between Black America and the rest of the US is nearly 1 to 10. Do your political leaders agree with the following examples of public policy benefiting Black America?

1. Should the Family Self Sufficiency Program be offered as an option to all Section 8 recipients and income eligible low income households?

2. Should there be a tax credit of 10% of the price of a home (up to $10,000) for first time African American home buyers (income < $250,000)? Should there be a tax credit of 5% of the price of a home (up to $7,500) for African American replacement home purchases? 3. Should the federal government establish interest free loans for business expansion of African American small businesses with a predominantly black workforce?

4. Should the federal government eliminate the expected parental contribution eligibility requirement for African American college students?

5. Should the poverty guidelines be raised by 20% to accommodate the needs of two-parent working poor households?

6. Should the poverty guideline formula be recalculated to reflect current household budget allocations for basic goods like food?

7. Should the maximum amount of taxable earnings for social security be raised to $500,000?

8. Should education at a Historically Black College or University be free for African Americans?

9. Should African Americans graduating the STEM fields be eligible for zero interest loans to start businesses with majority African American workers?

10. Should all startup black businesses be treated as a unique non-profit entity for 60 months after inception?

11. Should there be a college and advanced degree loan repayment plan for African Americans who work in the STEM fields or civic services worth $10,000 per year of service for up to ten years?

12. Should businesses with proportional African American and Gender employment representation at all levels of management or administration receive a tax deduction?




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Agenda for Black America

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